Register subjects

Facility to manage subjects taught in the institution.

All subject related information can be retrieved from here. New subjects can also be added, current subjects’ properties can be changed and subjects can be removed from the system.


Configure syllabus content

Syllabus content configuration made easy.

View details about the syllabus and add new contents to it. Handle a past paper collection, Categorized past paper question by MCQ, descriptive, essay for convenience.

Lesson planning and scheduling

Painless lesson planning and scheduling for teachers.

Lesson planning and scheduling of the lessons can be easily done online.


Configure class subjects

Subjects can be configured specifically for a class.

Class subjects can be configured for each individual class.

Assign subject teachers

Facilitate teacher assignment to subjects with just few clicks.

Teacher can be assigned for subjects based on their expertise.


Configure class timetable

Time table of the class can be configured with ease.

Class time table can be configured for each class individually, Adding teachers for each subject.

Identify poor performing areas of syllabus

Identify weak area of a syllabus with the help of artificial intelligence.

Identify poor performing areas of the syllabuses bases in student performance analysis with artificial intelligence, and make necessary changes to increase student performance


Evaluate subject teaching techniques

Facilitate the evaluation of teaching techniques.

Teaching techniques can be evaluated on based on student performance and paper marking,