Conduct simultaneous online classes

We offer effortless online class conducting facility.

Online classes can be conducted separately and simultaneously. Single or multiple videos are possible. Moderator (i.e The teacher) can control the participants online such as muting, blocking video, removing etc.

Online white board

Smooth interaction between teacher and students.

Students and teachers can use the whiteboard simultaneously or individually Multi-color texting and drawing with different thickness, sizes or shapes are possible with delete or undo options.

Online notepad

Take notes with ease.

Students or teacher can take notes online and can be shared with everyone. Notes can be exported to different document formats.

Monitor each student activity remotely

Every student in the class will be attentive to the lesson

Teacher can send individual instructions to the student via chat option. Individual chats among students can be blocked. Student screen can be shared to the teacher and video conferencing can be used to monitor or view the student activity.

Real-time interaction between teacher and student

Teacher student real time interaction just like in a real class room.

Can communicate effectively via multimedia using laptop or mobile. Students can raise hand and express other expressions with one click.

Screen sharing facility

Share the current screen of the computer easily.

This feature enables to upload and share documents, videos, presentations, notes etc. online. Entire screen can also be shared with a selected file or content currently opened in the laptop.

Access other free online class services

Online polls, quizzes and surveys

Keep students in keen and eager to learn state

Polls, quizzes, surveys can be conducted online to increase the students engagement with the teacher and enthusiasm.