System generated payment vouchers

Payment vouchers are automatically generated by the system.

Payment vouchers in PDF format are generated automatically term-wise or year-wise with all due payments with bulk or individual printing facility.


Online secure fee payments

Effortless fee payments in a secure way.

Interconnected Admission Management System and Student Management System for convenient payment process handling.

Auto surcharge calculator for due payments

Automatic surcharge calculations for late payments.

Payment surcharges are automatically calculated as per given rates and deadlines and indicated in the vouchers separately


Payment deadline notifications and reminders

Automatically notify parents when there's an upcoming deadline for a payment.

Payment notifications can be sent automatically/manually via SMS or Emails.

Student fee payment related reports

View the current status of student payments with just few clicks.

Total Unpaid/Total Paid/Total Partially Paid/Total Fee Waived Student Reports can be obtained year-wise, term-wise, grade-wise or class-wise.


Fee waiving off option

Facilitate full or partial waive off of student payments.

Fees can be waived off for selected students both partially or in full.

Fee paying history details

Easily accessible students fee payment history.

All fee paying history data will be available for auditing or information purposes.


Payment information lock/unlock facility

Lock/Unlock specific payments in a student payment voucher.

Payment details updating process can be locked or unlocked individually.

Trace and organize bank payments

All band payments synced for painless tracing of payments.

Bank payments can be tracked and traced to the students. Organized bank payment records.


Activate/Inactivate students individually or in bulk

Student activation and deactivation in the system done with few clicks

One student or multiple students can be activated or deactivated.

Handle refundable deposits.

Facility to handle refundable deposits.

Outstanding payments can be deducted from the Refundable Deposit.