Categorized book register


Online book shelf location tracker

Online reservation of books

Students can reserve books online.

Book reserving can be done online and students can reserve the books they are going to borrow in advance.


RFID enabled check-in and check-out process

Easily identify books.

Bar-code readers are used to identify books. No need to enter any information manually.

Automatic book return reminders via SMS/Email

Students will not forget to return the library books in time.

Remind students via email/SMS when there's an deadline in nearing to return a library book.


Pay fines online

Library fines can be paid online.

Digital past paper bank

Students conveniently access past papers online.

Students can access past papers online whenever and wherever they are in, Increase student academic performance with this facility.


Video and CD bank

Videos and CDs can be shared online.

Students can access and view academic related videos and CD content via their accounts.