Emergency requests to sickroom authorities via mobile

Notify sickroom authorities instantly in case of an emergency.

No time to waste in a case of an emergency, Notify sickroom personnel immediately.


Emergency notifications to parents

Send notifications to parents immediately in case of an emergency.

Parents' guardian's information is easily accessible and sent notification instantly in case of an emergency.

Secure student health records

Encrypted past records of students' health.

All past students' past health records are stored with digital; encryption, Only people with authorization can access these records.


Register doctors and issue login accounts

Register doctors and give them access to the system.

Doctors will be registered and given personal accounts to access the system.

Instant list of doctors available online

List of doctors available, can be instantly checked.

Doctors available at a any give time can be checked online.


Consult doctors online

Consultation of doctors can be done while you're in the comforts of your home.

No need to attend consultation sessions with doctors, Do it while you're in comforts you home online.