Schedule exams

Expertly handle exam scheduling.

Exam scheduling can be done online with ease. Schedule exams for each section of your educational institute and assign time slots to each subject papers or practical exams.


Configure exam time table

Exam time table configuration made smoother.

Scheduled exam time table can be configured and new papers, practical exams can be added to the current exam.

Mark entering facility for subjects in bulk

Increase productivity of teacher by providing a simple way to enter marks for subjects.

Marks are generated automatically for sports activities based on attendance and will be added to the final grade with the weightage assigned.


Auto calculate averages and ranks

All spreadsheet application workflow done automatically.

Student average marks and ranks will be automatically calculated and teacher only has to input students' marks.

Exam report generation

Report generation of exams, has never been this simple.

Generate a list of prize winners and a list of Gold Medalists according to a given criteria.


Online exam conducting facility

Facilitates conducting of online exams in a smoother way.

Exams can be conducted online. Teachers can grade exams papers conveniently.

Create online exams

Online exam creation in the system is simple.

Exam papers can be created online with mark allocation based on a weight for each sub-question paper.


Online past paper question bank

All past paper question at your fingertips.

All subject past papers are accessible online. Navigation through past paper questions made easy with categorized questions as MCQ, essay and descriptive.

Online exam practicing

Increase student performance with this online exam practice facility.

Students can practice for exams, online with the past paper question bank for each subject they have enrolled.


AI-assisted exam training and performance analyzing

Exam training and performance analyzing made simpler with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Analyzes each student's weak areas using Artificial Intelligence and notifies the teachers, students and parents about the study areas which need more attention for improvements. This will also helpful when making critical decisions like selecting AL subject streams and to identify best environmental conditions for students for better exam performance.

Lock/Unlock exams

Facility to prevent any further configurations to an exam.

Exams can be locked to restrict further configuration and unlocked for allow configuration by the administrator.


Mark entry form generation